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Mithai makers are introducing new flavours to pique the taste buds of customers thought to have been lost to foreign confectionery brands. In fact, some retailers are saying that the Indian ‘mithai’ has already made a strong impression in the gifting market, with makers of snacks and ready-to-eat food items such as Haldiram, and CavinKare using flavour and packaging strategies similar to those of foreign chocolate brands.

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Japan has shown interest in buying rice bran oil from India – a country that depends on import of edible oil for meeting nearly 60 per cent of its domestic consumption. Export of rice bran oil will help India earn foreign exchange, thus reducing the rising import bill on account of edible oil. Read the rest of this entry »

Yahoo Inc has increased the amount of paid leave new parents can take, bringing the Internet company closer to the policies of some of its Silicon Valley peers from which it hopes to lure engineers.

Under Yahoo’s new policy, new mothers and fathers can take up to 8 weeks of fully-paid leave. If a woman gave birth to the baby, she is entitled to an additional 8 weeks of paid leave, for a total of 16 weeks paid leave.

New parents will now also get up to $500 for expenses such as child care and laundry, Yahoo said.

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Coca-Cola has readied an extensive game plan to counter rival PepsiCo’s Rs150-crore marketing extravagance around the Indian Premier League this summer, which includes an entry-level price war, market expansion and heavy advertising.

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