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A dosa that costs Rs 30-40 in Bangalore costs about Rs 150 in New Delhi due to the lack of standardisation and absence of manpower. Two foodies, Eshwar Vikas and Sudeep Sabat  decided to take this as a challenge and come up with a machine that could make dosas without human intervention. a mechanic in Chennai who never  went to college gave all the techniques and formulae to achieve  it. After that they participated in a startup contest called VenturaFest in Chennai in June 2012 calling themselves Mukunda Foods and won the best business plan award.
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Mithai makers are introducing new flavours to pique the taste buds of customers thought to have been lost to foreign confectionery brands. In fact, some retailers are saying that the Indian ‘mithai’ has already made a strong impression in the gifting market, with makers of snacks and ready-to-eat food items such as Haldiram, and CavinKare using flavour and packaging strategies similar to those of foreign chocolate brands.

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