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Finnish handset maker Jolla, founded by some ex-Nokia employees, is in talks with partners to sell its smartphones in India, initially by tapping the popular e-commerce route. The company has built its own operating system Sailfish which will provide users alternative to Android, Windows, Blackberry and Apple’s iOS. Sailfish OS is  available for free to install on other Android handsets. Jolla has announced agreement with F-Secure for mobile security on Sailfish OS .

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Google’s new privacy policy is under attack from regulators in its largest European markets, who on Tuesday brought legal action to try and force the company to overhaul practices they say let it create a data goldmine at the expense of unwitting users.

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Linkedin, the social network which is staying in top  3 now with  110,000,000 estimated visitors is in trouble following the security breach that exposed millions of user passwords.This problem has damaged its reputation among working professionals are the main users of linkedin. Read the rest of this entry »

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