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Google on Wednesday announced it is working on a low-cost smartphone aimed at emerging markets as part of an initiative called Android One.

The Android-powered handset will be built with a basic set of features including FM radio, have a screen slightly smaller than five inches and be priced at less than $100. Read the rest of this entry »


Apple on Tuesday will introduce two iPhones, including a new lower-cost model targeted at overseas countries where expensive smartphones are out of reach for many consumers.The addition of a cheaper iPhone could help Apple sell tens of millions more phones. But it could also diminish its reputation as a premium brand.

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Nexus 4, Google’s new smartphone was sold out in some countries within an hour of its release on Tuesday.

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In an attempt to increase its tiny market share, Apple which doesn’t have retail stores in India had choose Ingram Micro to distribute its products.  Price is a big problem as handset costs are not subsidized.
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