David Korowicz, a physicist and human-systems ecologist had submitted a paper about global systematic collapse as a chain reaction.

He had stated that irreversible global economic collapse will happen within weeks of the next major economic shock, like a major bank failure or a country exiting the eurozone, as the shock would quickly spread through global supply chains.

  1. connected devices spread news faster than ever
  2. low stockpile of emergency needs will create a new problem
  3. when country bails out its banks,  in the process it increases its own debt
  4. world economy is no longer healthy and stable as Europe’s recession spills over into Asia, causing growth to slow
  5. Equilibrium doesn’t exist in  global economy
  6. world is running out of cheap energy sources
  7. Food constraints are causing severe social and behavioural stress

social unrest, closure of banks, limited cash, closure of stores and other emergency services, closure of mobile services due to no recharges, restricted public transport, collapse of imports, stoppage of production of new goods cause new disaster which may occur in near future